AGI Newsletter 8-2016

AGI Corporation, established in 1994, continues to expand its business supplying the EMS Industry with Assembly and Test Tooling such as Test Fixtures, Solder Pallets, Assembly Tools and Laser Cut Stencils. To meet our growing demand we are proud to keep growing our team of dedicated associates.


AGI is proud to announce our selection of the Makino SP43 wire EDM machining to our Capabilities.

MankinoEDMupdated ChrisandFaolinEDMupdated

                                                               Machine Programmers Falon Moss (left) and Chris Wilkerson (right) posing next to the Mankino SP43

The Makino SP43 provides advanced features in the general wire EDM arena, including general part manufacturing, aeronautics and medical applications. The SP43 is capable of holding extremely tight tolerances.

The SP43 will feature Makino’s newest wire EDM technology, the WireWIZARD™ CNC control system and new EZ-Cut™ advanced machining technology. The large 15-inch touch screen user interface and its advanced functionality make the WireWIZARD system not only powerful but exceptionally simple to use. WireWIZARD cutting technology provides superior performance and surface integrity without sacrificing speed. Key on-board technologies include Makino’s new PowerWIZARD™ adaptive control system, CornerWIZARD™ geometric control system and GS-Cut™, designed to produce the straightest parts possible. These control features are designed to improve part accuracy and machining performance.

PowerWIZARD increases machining speed while improving overall surface finish by controlling the discharge current and maintaining the optimum spark gap. CornerWIZARD is a unique control feature that provides outstanding shape accuracy, providing tighter control

of small internal corner radii. GS-Cut improves straightness in the initial cut, reducing the skim cuts required to produce a straight part, reducing overall cycle time.

This machine offers the ability to use wire diameters from 0.004 to 0.012 inches (0.102 to 0.305 mm) and large taper cutting capability of up to 35 degrees. Machine travels of 
18 x 12 x 12.6 inches (450 x 300 x 320 mm) with a large work piece capacity make the

SP43 ideal for a variety of applications.

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