continuing to grow

AGI Corporation, established in 1994, continues to expand its business supplying the EMS Industry with Assembly and Test Tooling such as Test Fixtures, Solder Pallets, Assembly Tools and Laser Cut Stencils. To meet our growing demand we are proud to keep growing our team of dedicated associates.


Darius                  Dale

Darius Tibbs (left) and Dale McMinnis (right)

Darius Tibbs and Dale McMinnis  join the AGI team!

 We are proud to introduce two new members to the AGI team! Darius and Dale are great assets to the assembly team. Dale has had numerous experience for over a decade in the field while Darius was previously a range installer.


Dustin Harris

Dustin Harris joins the AGI machining team!

 The AGI machining team is glad to have Dustin Harris as their new addition. Dustin has nearly 8 years of experience as a CNC operator and is quite skilled on manual machines. 

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About AGI Corporation

AGI Corporation is an internationally known supplier of Wave Solder Pallets, SMT Assembly Pallets, and SMT Stencils from the simplest to the most complex. The company offers SMT Stencils, Titanium Insert Pallets, Screen Printer Tooling, Wash Baskets, Feeder Carts, Tray Carts, Stencil Storage Carts, Build-to-Print capabilities as well as many other types of fixtures for electronics assembly and automation. For additional information about AGI and it’s products, visit                                       


continuing to grow!

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