Case Assembly

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AGI has designed dozens of Case Assembly Machines used in high volume manufacturing.  These low-cost simple automated machines are ideal for plastic or metal case assemblies. The main purpose of the machine is to ensure the locking tabs are formed or 'snapped' and locked properly. A secondary benefit, we can ‘pair’ the ESN of the PCB to the ESN of the case at very quality levels since we have the parts secured.

Final Assembly Case Machines - Typical


  • The Operator Loads Case, Pcb and Cover into Non Marring Nest:
  • Bar Code Scanner Reads QR for MES Integration or to Pair PCB with Case
  • Sensors Detect UUT Tooling and PCB for Proper Orientation & Mistake Proofing.
  • A Pneumatic Drawer Slide Closes.
  • Pneumatic Clamp, That’s Spring Loaded, Engages the Forming or Snapping Tabs to Ensure Cover is Seated Correctly.
  • Sensors Confirm Air Cylinder Stroke for Proper Overall Height of the Assembly.

This machine has crimped the covers on over 3 million ECU's!


Final Assembly Case Machines - Specialized

Machine pairs PCB with Case for Serial Number Traceability into MES and Installs Snap Clip to Case for Final Assembly. 

Features Include:

  • Bar Code Scanner collects PCB Data and Case Data from ESN
  • MES Communications with your Network, and Pairs PCB S/N with Case.
  • Pneumatic Clamp with Spring Source to Ensure Cover is Seated Correctly
  • Keyence Laser Measures Tabs to Ensure Properly Engaged
  • Sensors Detect UUT Tooling and PCB for Proper Orientation & Mistake Proofing
  • Biometric Scanner for Controlled Access in Machine Software and Settings

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