AGI's SMT and  Flex Circuit Assembly Fixtures are becoming more popular to solve many SMT assembly challenges! Our proven pin designs can handle thin PCB's or flex circuit boards with unusual form factors. The  fixture  consisits  of  (2) fixed pins and  (2) sliding pins.  The sliding  pins  are designed to set below the PCB.  The  PCB then sets “proud" approximately .005” above the fixture.

Features and Benefits

SMT Pallet Features
  • Optical grade composites to make it easier for the PCB present sensors to ‘see’ the fixture.
  • Sliding board tensioners lock PCB’s in place onto the fixture, from .005” up to .125” thick.
  • We offer a unique bolt in pin design which allows us to machine the pin in the fixture for ultra precise applications or interference fit.
  • Press in aluminum bushing with inked fiducial mark for high reliability.
  • PCB designed to set .005” ‘proud’ above the fixture for optimal screen printing results.

Flex Circuit Features
  • Sliding pin design features a taper head pin that sits .005” above the flex circuit. The taper head locks the flex circuit down to the fixture. This design eliminates the need for taping. The taper pin accommodates PCBs from .005" thick up to .031".
  • The taper pin will not interfere with screen printing process as long as the pins are more than 3mm away from any apertures.
  • By positioning three sliding pins at 45 degrees, we can also keep the flex circuit flat.

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