3-D Machined Stencils



AGI is proud to introduce our 3-D Stencils!

With our new milling machine we have the capability to machine etch pockets and islands on stencils with little to no deviation. Step downs, step reliefs, step ups, all capable of being machined with our new Mazak Milling machine. We use our 3-D Stencils to permanently deal with area ratio challenges rather than put a gold Band-Aid on your stencil. Our machining process is more accurate than normal chemical etching!



3-D Machined Stencil Benefits

 AGI's 3-D machined stencils can help permanently solve a variety of problem causing issues on boards.

  • High precision machining allows for very tight thickness tolerances, an average of +/- .0002" - .0003"
  • Useful for multi-purpose boards with a variety of different types of technology present
  • Fast turn time with machined step stencils
  • Smooth Surfaces with 3-D effect
  • CMM Machine to fully check thickness post machining.
  • Full report with all measurements and deviations provided. 
  • 30 degree radius'd walls of step area to help with squeegee blade flex.


3-D Stencil Data Sheet                                                                                                                             

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