Board Level

From simple/low probe count mechanical fixtures to high density and fine pitch fixtures; AGI can design and manufacture at all levels.

  • Top and Bottom side probing of Test Points, Thru-Hole Components and Connectors.
  • Fine pitch probing down to 0.39'' centers.
  • Dual head engagement.
  • Manual pneumatic or vacuum actuators.
  • System interlocks - gate closed, part presents, probe engaged.
  • Automatic Barcode reading.
  • Customer integrated components and circuits.
  • Standard off the shelf interfacing (GenRad, VPC, MacPanel, ect..) or customer interface.




Dual Head  Pneumatic Fixture

ü  Easier to maintain vs. vacuum
ü More reliable actuation with high pin counts
ü  Independent control for dual
ü  Optional removable probe field for

      quick change or easy access

ü  Optional quick change push plates

     for Multiple UUT’s



BoardlLevel2Single Gate Pneumatic Fixture

ü Wide variety of Kit Sized 
ü UUT’s Sizes up to 27” x 14”
ü  2” – 8” Pan Depths
ü  Sloped Pans



Multiple UUT Fixture

ü  “Z” action gate for fin pitch probing
ü  Sloped kit for easy viewing of display
ü  Double ended probes with interface board
ü  Custom connector interface




   Top and Bottom Access FixtureBoardLevel4

ü  “Z” Action Gate
ü  Floating top gate that aligns with

     bottom plate prior to probe engagement

ü  Separation plate to isolate UUT from

     probes until engaged.

ü  Compact design





Custom Silkscreen

ü  Test Point Map for easy probe identification
ü  Board outline
ü  Component identification
ü  X-Y map




03 ISO 9001 2015 horizontal BW Color

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