Final Assembly

AGI also offers a full line of Final Assembly Fixture (nit level). Using customer CAD data or reverse engineering using our in-house CMM if CAD is not available.


  • Compact Embedded Controllers.
  • Nesting of Final Assembly Unit
  • Mechanical, pneumatic or electrical actuators.
  • Integrated sensors for optical, audio, proximity, temperature, etc.
  • Automatic Bar Code reading.
  • Automated part marking.
  • Switch actuation (both manual and automated).
  • Protective covers for high voltage or high current  situations.
  • “Floating” alignment and probe blocks.



Final Assembly Fixture

ü  Electric actuator

ü  UUT present sensor
ü  Part marking
ü  Interchangeable nest for multiple UUT’s
ü  Standard interface






 Final Assembly Fixture

ü  Manual over-clamp gate
ü  Snorkel and probe block assembly to engage UUT
ü  Part present proximity sensor
ü  Integrated barcode scanner






Final Assembly Fixture

ü  Interchangeable nest for multiple UUT
ü  Pneumatic actuation
ü  Light curtain for safety
ü  Tri-Light for Pass/Fail indication
     Manual Docking Stations for Flash or Re-Flash 
   Example of a Manual Docking Station

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