Stencil Design Software


GC-CAM PowerStation is the industry leading choice of software packages for the designing of stencils. The convenient design modification capability and powerful panelization and editing tools, make it a powerful stencil design tool.  AGI's engineers can load your modification requirements and write a script, which will automate the stencil design process. GC-CAM PowerStation also reduces your manufacturing expenses by automatically providing DFM analysis ensuring proper aspect ratios for paste release for each and every stencil.

Quality Software and Equipment

QC pic2AGI 100% verifies the apertures using ScanSTENCIL,a self contained integrated hardware and software QC workstation. It is  designed for process control, measurements and as a final QC workstation after stencil manufacturing operations have been completed. ScanStencil is a PC base system package with a high-resolution calibrated, A3 size flatbed scanner. This integrated package allows for 100% inspection of absence, presence and correct size of apertures in both stencils and screens.

ScanSTENCIL also performs as a calibrated scanner for additional inspection of stencils and screens. ScanSTENCIL reads from any scanable image, PCB, and hand tape layouts. The software will then confirm cut stencils and screens, verify aperture accuracy, size, blockage and stencil stretch. Gerber data can also be generated for the production of stencils and screens.

AGI also has a variety of measuring and verification tools to make sure your stencil aperture walls are clean and smooth. We also use these measuring tools to verify any other combination tooling, like pallets, match up with your stencil perfectly.

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