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Manual Tabletop Screw Tightening Assembly Station


AGI designs and builds low-cost screw tightening and assembly solution for your assembly applications with process verification capability. These economical solutions ensure you can deliver quality parts at a repeatable level, confidently. Our Manual screw systems include:

  • ASG-SD2500 Transducerized Closed Loop Torque Controlled Driver and X-PAQ™ Controller
  • Linear Torque Arm and Tool Balancer
  • Dedicated Machined Nest for Part Assembly, Poka-Yoke for anti-rotation.
  • Hinged Lid with Screw Guides to Protect your Product from Damage.
  • Integrated UUT Sensor in nest with part Locking Latch. Verify Batch Complete and Good Run Downs, before part can be removed.
  • Click Series PLC Control and Power Supply Integrate the X-PAQ™ and fixture together.
  • Small NEMA Enclosure for System Controls
  • Integrated Red/Green Light with Audible Alarm

Semi-Automated Screw Tightening Assembly Station


Semi-Automated screw machines are ideal for medium to high volume applications. The closed loop torque-controlled system validates the manufacturing process requirements prior to releasing the part to the operator. Auto feed vibratory bowl delivers the screws to the driver within a second. Integrated barcode scanner provides traceability and data export to plant MES networks.

  • ASG-SD2500 Transducerized Closed Loop Torque Controlled Driver and X-PAQ™ Controller
  • Auto Feed Screw System, with vibratory, low noise coated feeder bowls
  • Linear Torque Arm and Tool Balancer
  • Proface™ HMI for Operator Interface which Includes UUT Recipe Editor and Maintenance Screens
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner for Data Logging Torque Values and Serial Numbers to your MES System
  • Optional Locking bowl feeder with bar code access to prevent screw mixing.
  • AGI’s Controls Engineers prefer PLC’s: Allen Bradley™, Omron™, Mitsubishi™


Integrating an X-PAQ™ with a torque arm with absolute encoders provides feedback to disable or enable the handheld tool based upon preprogrammed locations for proper Fastener Sequence.

Complete Error-Proofing

  • Ensures Correct Fastener Sequencing
  • Accurate and Repeatable Torque
  • Maintains Tool Alignment with Fasteners
  • Reduce or Eliminate Rework

Intuitive and User-Friendly HMI

  • Visual Screw Sequence Guide Operator using CAD Drawings or Assembly Photos
  • Stores up to 500 Assembly Sequences
  • Digital I/O Allows Interfacing with Controllers and Onboard System PLC
  • Quick Change Tooling
  • Designed with Poka-yokes for Anti Reversal
  • Screw Guides to protect products from damage.
  • Part Profile Mistake-proofing to Prevent Mis-Loading Parts

Automated Robotic Screw System

For high volume, where speed and precision are necessary, AGI delivers turnkey automated screw systems that are modular and expandable. Features Include: 

  • ASG-SD2500 Driver and X-PAQ™ Controller
  • Visumatic VPM™ Screw Feed Module with Low Noise Vibratory Bowl Feeder on Drawer Slide for Easy Access
  • Dual Axis IAI™ Linear Actuators with Absolute Encoder for Precision UUT Position
  • Keyence™ Standup Light Curtain for Open Access for Load and Unload
  • Keyence GT-2™ High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor for Screw Height Verification
  • Integrated Barcode Scanner for Logging Torque and Assembly Data
  • Quick Change Tooling for Modular Fixtures, with Hypertronic™ and SMC™ quick change connections
  • Proface™ HMI and Biometric Scanner for Operation and Failed UUT Displacement
  • Rugged Welded or Extrusion Frames


Our Intuitive menu driven software allows our customers to change, customize and maintain the system without external software or other devices. Examples:

  • Straightforward Screens are Simple to Follow and Understand
  • Assembly Recipe Editor Allows you to Create or Modify Existing Assemblies
  • Adjustable Limits for Pass/Fail Requirements
  • I/O Maintenance Screen to Verify or Debug Peripheral Equipment

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