Board Level Test

Being in the Southeast, we have developed our Test Systems to meet the needs of the High Volume EMS and Automotive electronics market we serve. Automotive testing is very rigorous as High Volumes, Reliability and Repeatability are paramount. As the Automotive EMS Modules have expanded through the vehicle, safety and Cyber Security are critical. We have grown with that industry standard the capabilities needed to meet Cyber security, adding mistake proofing and serial pairing with flash softer. We have a complete staff of electrical and software engineers to provide with a complete solution. Our Test fixtures are designed to withstand hundreds of thousands cycles and reliably operate for years and years.

Final Test

AGI began in Test by designing and machining mating connectors, typically from POM or GF Nylon, and mounting these onto a G-10 block with Pogo Pins to be used in Final Test Automation. We call these "Machined Snorkels". 20 years later, we have developed a myriad of automated final test solutions for our customers throughout the eastern half of the USA.

Functional Test

AGI has grown with our customers and can provide you with complete turnkey integration and test services including design, manufacture and software development for an automated test systems. Capabilities include: 3D mechanical design, PLC/HMI controls and software development through multiple popular suppliers, Cobot and linear robot cells, schematic capture, PCB layout, machine vision and inspection.

Vision Inspection

AGI has many solutions for vision applications, and we have integrated with many of the vision component companies, such as Keyence™, COGNEX™, Banner™, FEASA™, OptoMistic™ and many others. Below are some of the many solutions we have out in the field running in high volume manufacturing.

Screw Tightening

AGI designs and builds Screw Tightening Fixtures to fit any budget from Low-Cost Table Top to Semi-Automated and Fully-Automated Machines. Our low-cost solutions ensure you can deliver quality parts at a repeatable level, confidently. Semi-Automated screw machines are ideal for medium to high volume applications. The closed loop torque-controlled system validates the manufacturing process requirements prior to releasing the part to the operator. For high volume, where speed and precision are necessary, AGI delivers turnkey automated screw systems that are modular and expandable.

Case Assembly

These low-cost simple automated machines are ideal for plastic or metal case assemblies. The main purpose of the machine is to ensure the locking tabs are formed or 'snapped' and locked properly. A secondary benefit, we can ‘pair’ the ESN of the PCB to the ESN of the case at very quality levels since we have the parts secured.

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